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Our equipment

Unique 100% laser equipment

Our equipment is being designed and developed since our creation by the Laser Game Equipement division. A unique set of equipment that makes Laser Game Evolution the European leader in 100% laser games.

In 1996, Laser Game Equipement created the very first equipment in its history in Grenoble. The V.0 vests had one target on the chest and one target on the back. At that time, only the hits received appeared on a digital display

It was in 2016 that the latest generation of the Laser Game Evolution V3 equipment was created using the knowledge obtained in the past 20 years.

It was in 2016 that the latest generation of the Laser Game Evolution V3 equipment was created using the knowledge obtained in the past 20 years. With the V3, the players could interact with their equipment in real time. The gun has 2 new targets and 3 shooting modes. A colour display helps the players to follow their game live and the numerous buttons increase the game possibilities (changing the status, shooting options, etc.) The vest can be configured fully, the targets can be activated or deactivated depending on the difficulty level desired by the players.
The V3 interface and technology offers a countless variety of game modes.

100% laser technology

With the infrared equipment: when the player pulls the trigger, a laser beam is activated, but only for a short time; When it is activated, an infrared beam is also activated and it cannot be seen with the naked eye; it is this infrared beam that will hit the opponents’ sensors and deactivate their equipment. The laser beam only helps the customers to see the approximate direction of their shot.

With Laser Game Evolution: when the players pull the trigger, a laser beam is activated. If this laser beam falls on the targets of the opponent’s equipment, it will deactivate this equipment. The laser beam thus provides vision and is useful too. In infrared, no precision is required, and the game loses its charm.

And that is why, with Laser Game Evolution, the game is much more intense, interesting and fun !


In our equipment, the gun, electronics and the rigid parts (plastic shells) of the vest are integrated in a padded protection foam. As in any sports activity, the participants may collide with each other. In our game centres, these collisions are rarely painful thanks to the foam which is present everywhere.


Our equipment is characterised by a design that is different than other laser tags. Designed with a sense of community and efficiency in mind, we wanted an equipment to be in step with the times corresponding to the customer’s expectations. Our equipment is therefore more ergonomic, fun, practical, and is inspired by science fiction movies.


Another forte of our equipment: robustness and its regular upgrading. We are in our 4th generation of equipment, our expertise is particularly developed in terms of design and execution. The foam on the entire equipment not only makes the game safer, but also protects the electronics within it by covering it. The circuits are contained in boxes that can withstand very high pressures and absorb the shocks. This reliability lets us offer the most effective experience of the game.