Laser Game Entreprise

Our competitive advantages

The design of mazes

Our play areas are not in fact mazes in the real sense, in that there are no dead ends, no paths to look for to find the exit.

The design, creation, technical drawings, assembly, decoration of the maze and its completion are part of our core business that we fully integrate in the Group.

We are specialists in designing dynamic mazes, using walls of different heights, long-distance visibilities as well as rapid zones, mezzanines and floors, real interaction between different playing heights, electronic game modules (laser doors, traps, bases).

Our experience has helped us reach an unparalleled level in this field, highly coveted by our competitors and loved by our customers.

Advantages of indoor areas

Working indoors has many advantages, such as not being dependent on weather conditions, and being able to use areas dedicated to events such as birthdays, company seminars with renting of private rooms.

Continuous firing

The infrared technology used by our competitors requires “single shot fire” games. With our 100% laser technology, the beam can be continuously active, allowing players to aim accurately to score points. This naturally adds dynamism to the game and to its overall enjoyment.

An entertaining laser game

In the gaming areas of most of our competitors, customers are not allowed to run in the mazes because their hard-shell equipment with electronics that are not shock-resistant, is prone to breakdowns. The Laser Game Evolution equipment is extremely robust and designed to withstand heavy impacts.

Moreover, our mazes just like our equipment, and unlike those of our competitors, are totally safe and designed in such a way that the players can play freely and without any danger (signals, protection, etc.)

Un univers convivial et d'amusement

We always wished to break the stereotypes about our game (a game only for boys, video game, a violent science-fiction game, etc.) With the help of our positioning, our messages and our decor, we have developed a “laser spirit” of enjoyment and fun, adapted to all ages, children as well as adults.